About us

COLCATREK -ADVENTURE TRAVEL AGENGY- VLADO SOTO, AND COLCA TREK LODGE, A whole history of real passion for adventure time in Colca Canyon.

Vlado Soto is passionate about adventure travel, occupancy EXPLORER, navigator, ecologist, collector, professional guide tour. He was the first trekking guide in the history of the Canyon, with 30 years of experience as a guide. Historian by profession and a master’s degree in sustainable tourism.

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in Arequipa, president of the association APTARE (Adventure and ecotourism operators of the Arequipa region), Vlado is a true connoisseur of the Colca canyon, tireless campaigner for protect the ecology and cultural heritage Canyon, also a great adventurer who has sailed around the Amazon river to its mouth at Belem dupara in the Atlantic (the Amazon, comes very close to the Colca Canyon), has come to Antarctica , tireless world traveler, director manager of the famous CANYON TREK travel agency in Arequipa- Peru. Several books recommended by travelers as Lonely planet, Rough guide, Foot prints, Lets go to peru, DK Politiken, the duch book, Reise know how we are going to Peru, travel guides living, among others.

Monica Ortiz Siu is Vlado Soto s wife, she is with no doubt the female soul of COLCA TREK LODGE. Behind the adventurer and explorer man is his enterprising wife. She is an original social communicator, specialized in journalism and marketing services.

She is also a teacher with fifteen years of experience in business management , marketing and communication courses. Her main goal in education is getting her students to be entrepreneurs, she has been the entrepreneurial soul for the construction of Colca Trek Lodge since the beginning.

She has also pursued graduate studies in architecture and decoration and shows us her female creative touch in decorating the hostel.

Without doubt she is highly entrepreneurial, she founded and directed one of the most creative advertising agencies in Arequipa.

Monica is also a business advisor in commercial areas of prestigious companies and institutions of Arequipa and Southern Peru. Is also founder of Quirosalud Borjesson, the most recognized chiropractic clinic in southern Peru.

With her successful business experience, focus in providing high quality in hostel services, she has not only created a pleasant environment in the mountain lodge, but also has developed high standards in hostel services to offer unforgettable experiences to the customers.

Since its inception, Colca Trek Lodge involved in its construction a large number of men and women from the Pinchollo condor s town.


The purpose is to give the whole community a source of work based on sustainable tourism that directly helps in improving the quality of life of the inhabitants.


100% of the staff  that provide our unique and personalize service, is formed  of simple and hardworking local people, properly trained in housekeeping, cooking and bartending  to make the guest’s experience exceed their expectations.