Getting there


Getting to COLCA TREK LODGE (hotel en el Colca)


Colca Trek Mountain Lodge is located in the small town of Pinchollo, 15 minutes far from Cruz del Condor, on the road between Cabanaconde and Chivay. Two hours far from Chivay and 40 minutes to  Cabanaconde.

If you are in Arequipa´s downtown, take Avenida Ejercito, this avenue begins immediately after crossing the “Grau  bridge”, over the “Chile river” . This big  avenue, will take you, directly, passing through the “Aviación avenue” to the road to “Yura” and then to the road to Puno.


How to arrive driving from Arequipa  to the hotel in the colca canyon


Once you get  on the road to Yura, continue for half an hour going through mountains, after getting to  a huge cement factory, continue travelling and then you ll see  two roads, the one in the right side will take you to Yura and the one on the left will take you to Colca, Puno and Cuzco.

After almost  1 ½ hours, you will be at  the “National Reserve Salinas and Aguada Blanca” were you will be able to see wild vicuñas in an area called “Pampa Cañahuas”, continue until you reach a toll where you need to pay U.S. $ 1.50 or S /. 3.90 soles,continue  for 400 m and at the first detour, the right side will take you  to Puno,so turn to the left and take the road  to Cuzco or Colca (Chivay).

Follow this road  for an hour, then you will find a second crossroad. On the right is the abandoned road to Cuzco (unpaved),on the left is the paved road to Colca (Chivay), continue through this one for another hour, and once you reach  nearly 5,000 mts. high (4.900), you will see from the top edge all the Volcanic Range of Chila (Colca), also you may see the famous “Ampato” mountain, where the mummy “Juanita” was found and also another mountain called “Mismi” where the Amazon River begins. Here is where our dramatic  descent to Chivay starts,it will go on for about 40 minutes. At the entrance of Chivay, you are going to find a big arch with the word Chivay written on it and immediately there is a checkpoint where you pay a fee to Colca Canyon (70 soles approx. U.S. $ 28).

To the right is Chivay and to the left is the road from Chivay to Cabanaconde (Condor Cross) this road will take you to our hotel “Colca Trek Lodge” the closest hotel to “ Cruz del Condor “of all hotels at Colca Canyon.




The route from Chivay to our hotel tooks almost two hours.
Take from Chivay the road to Cabanaconde, after 20 minutes you will find at the right side, the  town of Yanque, take the road on the left,and  after 20 minutes you will find the village of Achoma, continue for 40 minutes and you will  get to the town of Maca, after almost 40 minutes there is a long tunnel, and then a small one, continue and you will get to Pinchollo town, the third entrance to this town, is Colca Trek Lodge arch, the door where finally you can rest just in front of the famous Colca canyon.

If you need parking, take the little street at the left beyond the entrance to the town, this will take you to our save parking area.

Welcome to Colca Trek Lodge the best hotel in Colca.